Making Image Recognition Technology Accessible for Everyone

What we offer?

Get own tailored image recognition service fast. No coding required.

Tailored for you

  • Image recognition can be much more than only identifying objects from images –get a fully tailored image recognition model for your specific needs

Complete platform

  • Easy-to-use user interface to analyze images fast
  • Full user management to decide who gets access to the service
  • Integrate your tailored model seamlessly into your existing solutions via API

Fast, no coding

  • In best cases, start using the tailored service in less than a day
  • No coding or development team required to start using your image recognition service

Example use cases

Measure what images communicate

Basic object recognition:
  • Car
  • Road
  • Sunset
  • Asphalt
  • Premium: 56%
  • Sporty: 34%
  • Dynamic: 32%
  • Freedom: 22%
  • Luxury: 14%


  • Analyze brand’s total visual brand communication including hundreds or thousands of images in a second
  • Analyze visual trends in specific industries. For example, how the visual communication of car ads have developed


  • Provide possibility to place ads next to a chosen visual context and feeling
  • For example, place ads next to images or parts in a video that communicate “Freedom”, “Happiness” and “Togetherness”

Image banks

  • Provide smarter tags to enable more accurate image based searches
  • Example: search images with image tag “Car” and which communicate also “Freedom” and “Premium” feeling

Food Analysis

Basic object recognition:
  • Food
  • Plate
  • Meal
  • Meat
  • Low carb: 86%
  • Calories - low: 82%
  • Low fat: 67%
  • Healthy: 51%

  • Delicious: 86%
  • Tempting: 56%
  • Gourmet: 47%
  • Sophisticated: 35%

Health & personal well-being

  • Analyze and track diet automatically
  • Smarter search of recipes

Restaurant & Food industry

  • Quality assurance on how portions need to look and if they are aligned with the visual guidelines
  • Large scale insights on food trends

Personal Style Detection

Basic object recognition:
  • Man
  • Glasses
  • Tie
  • Shirt
  • Classic: 66%
  • Business: 54%
  • Rock: 23%
  • Hipster: 12%
  • Gothic: 2%

Online stores and retail

  • Smart, AI based product suggestions matching the shopper’s style

Social Media

  • Search people based on desired style and looks
  • Fine-tune your own photos based on the desired style you want to represent
  • Service providers can enrich the database with new information of users

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